Kitchen Renovations Nanaimo

At Coastal View Homes, we can create a kitchen just as you envisioned. When renovating your kitchen, we strive to ensure that your personal style will be reflected in your newly renovated kitchen. We have a team of kitchen designers and renovators to transform your old kitchen into a space that complements the other rooms in your home, no matter what your style may be. When we renovate your kitchen, we make utilize modern design and materials to create a masterpiece. Our designers are trained to incorporate the best design features to improve the functionality of your cooking area. When we redesign and renovate your kitchen, it reflects your personal taste and style. Our team is also experienced to change your kitchen’s layout to ensure smooth flow.

Our kitchen renovation process begins with discussing your ideas and kitchen, as well as suggesting the best solutions to come up with a master plan. As the most qualified kitchen renovators in Nanaimo, we can guarantee to offer designs that are both comfortable and highly efficient. We are fully equipped to renovate your kitchen to optimize ergonomics, as well as improve its aesthetics. Even if your kitchen renovation project needs removing walls, doors, flooring, or windows, we provide a wider range of services for all types of renovation projects. When you choose us, you can be confident that your kitchen renovation will run smoothly.

As a complete kitchen renovation company, our services include:

  • Re-designing
  • Demolition
  • Carpentry works
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Electrical
  • Floor and wall tiling
  • Ventilation & Heating
  • Painting
  • Installation of fixtures & appliances

As a full-service renovation specialist, we have the experience needed to complete projects that require major upgrades or minor additions. Our team can handle every aspect of a kitchen renovation -from designing your new kitchen to the building of cabinetry and appliance installation. We also have skilled craftsmen to install custom cabinets to maximize your storage space. You will have the freedom to choose the finish and color for your cabinetry, as well as can decide to add more drawers to reduce clutter. We not only work within your budget but also manage the process to suit your convenience. To keep you satisfied, we will guide you all through from inception to completion, helping you to achieve the best result for your kitchen renovation project. We can incorporate both functionality and beautiful visual looks to kitchens of all sizes.